I really love TradingView charts. But I also love eToro — eToro’s interface is simple, yet sophisticated enough to allow even the beginner to get basic trades right. But eToro doesn’t have a direct link to Tradingview, so I signed up for an FXCM account. First impressions are pretty painful, FXCM has a tiny amount of stocks, shares and crypto to trade, you can trade a lot of Forex but I guess they are really a FOREX broker.

To trade something I have to make sure it’s in my list of subscribed devices on their portal. Sadly I’m only allowed 20 at any one time. This means researching, going to the FXCM portal, selecting the trade, returning to TradingView and refreshing to reload it.

I placed 2 trades with FXCM directly from Tradingview. I think the advantages of trading directly from TradingView with FXCM are pretty minimal and I think I’ll continue building my eToro portfolio.

The first trade today was UKOil. Open at $64.043. Target $69.307.


You can see the commodity is on an uptrend for some months. It bounced down and is heading back up again probably to the top of the stream. I think the boat stuck in the Suez Canal might just have something to do with the price getting stuck for 5 days.

My second is TSLA which I’ve been avoiding because Tech Stocks have not been doing well, I like Tesla because of his investment in Bitcoin, BUT I am very conscious of a lot of car manufacturers making noises about the production of electric vehicles. Could it be that Tesla’s investment in Bitcoin might be worth more than his production of cars?

My target was limited by FXCN for some reason so I could only get half my target of $850. I may remove that take profit and manually monitor the trade with a TradingView alert on the line.

You can see my FXCM trades plotted automatically on the chart. But I still prefer eToro.


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