I might be sitting on a pile of Ripple that could be worth quite a lot of $ in just a year’s time.

Ripple has for months been held back and stifled by the SEC’s inane and stupid court case. But like a gazelle freed in a forest it has lept up in the air from the doldrums up to three or four times its original value, and it’s not stopping.

I hate the phrase “to the moon”, it’s pointless, it talks of people who don’t ever analyse charts but buy on a whim hoping the weird crypto they just bought will rally like Bitcoin, powered by high rates of FOMO. But I actually think Ripple is way too low even now.

Let’s look at the Market Cap of its nearest rival above it, Binance Coin. It’s currently trading at $561.03, Ripple at a measly $1.80 (I bought at $0.43 so even at this stage I’m pretty excited). Even Litecoin, way down below it is at $273. I also think that Ripple has really been smothered by exchanges locking it up, like Coinbase who really should have reListed it already but are scared of upsetting the SEC as they are about to go public on the stock market.

I want to buy more ripple, but is there going to be a dip I can buy. My estimate for Ripple’s fair price must be between $1000 to $3000 (that’s a wide range folks but I actually think it could maybe be higher).

Ripple XRP has been doing some amazing things with Bank transfers and other practical ways of using Cryptos. It deserves to be a lot higher. This could be a huge bull run that is merely a price correction of Ripple catching up with other cryptos like Bitcoin and Ether.

No point in me showing you a chart, I don’t think you can use charts to predict this one. As readers of my blog and eBook will know, I like to buy things that are in trouble. Ripple is getting out of trouble fast, we’re not completely there but the markets know that it’s only a matter of time.


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