I have closed my short term XRP trade from yesterday up 11% this morning. I placed an order above the bearish trend line and took profits this morning. As you can see from the 15-minute chart the currency has paused and looks like it may turn down and correct slightly today so I’ve reinvested into a STOP order above the current price at 1.4687 just in case there is a sudden rally instead. My longer-term holdings bought at 0.43 are staying put.

XRP Ripple

In the 15-minute chart, you can see an initial short signal followed by a bounce back. My long buy is positioned neatly above the flat price here. If Ripple suddenly rallies and breaks out of this pause I will capture the buy trade.

I think it’s important as a lot of buying pressure is sitting in XRP at the moment with the next hearing with the SEC and the Judge edging ever closer.

The indicator I’m using is available free to add to your trading view charts (wrote it myself!). Here.


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