XRP Ripple

Ripple XRP is bouncing from the base of the upward wedge as

I’m looking to add to my longs today. I’m interested in seeing what happens, of course, the currency is overshadowed by the ongoing SEC wrangling that is withholding it from exchanges and making it difficult for retail traders to purchase.

This is why I’m keen on buying lows. I think that the relief rally when this is over and the amount of new volume in the pair could be like a volcano. (hopefully just going up).

I’ll be posting later on how to close your trades — or when to decide to.

I like the volume still in Ripple, there is a lot of interest in retail traders and we need institutional traders and organisations to come on board otherwise it could fall quite badly behind and Ether in it’s growth.




Writing about Trading, Currencies and shares

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Paul Clevett

Paul Clevett

Writing about Trading, Currencies and shares

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