Some time ago now I had some Crypto stolen from my Exodus Wallet, although its a software Wallet I’m not the only one that has had this problem. I no longer use this wallet obviously. I am really unhappy keeping my crypto in online wallets because regulation, fraud and other things can affect those. Including whole exchanges going down sometimes simply due to lack of liquidity. So storing offline is a good solution.

I have been looking at the standard wallets out there but this one really caught my eye. As most of my readers will know I am mostly a Linux user so finding one that had Linux compatible software was pretty important to me.

The idea is that the private key of the Crypto for your wallet is held securely in the device. So if you pop it in a safe — it’s, well, safe. Of course, your crypto is still technically in the blockchain but this kind of wallet allows you to store the keys offline.

I went for the Secux V20 as I have a Mac and Linux box and most of my “stuff” is running on USB anyway so I have a pile of USB C cables handy. Out of the box, the unit looks like a coin which is a lovely touch and has a really clear screen. It’s Big finger size which is great for me.

The company has been running since 2018, so I’m pretty happy they are around for the longer term.

The unit supports all major cryptos plus ERC20 tokens (I have quite a few of those!).

I decided on the Secux V20 as I have a Mac and Linux box and most of my “stuff” is running on USB anyway so I have a pile of USB C cables handy.

Unboxing the Wallet

I was sitting with my daughter and a friend when I opened the box. When I lifted the lid it provoked an immediate “wow” from all of us. The unit looks stunning, it’s really nice just in itself. I don’t really want to put it in the velvet case it came with as it would look nice right next to my computer.

I still can’t get over how amazing this device is in terms of look and feel. (I know I said this already but it really is nice).

Turning on the device (it came charged), it guided me through setting up my wallet, which was very straight forward entering a pin code, getting my secure words. Then at the end, it asked me to load up Google Chrome and connect through a web interface to the unit. It didn’t work on Safari but that’s not really a problem.

As I added accounts they appeared on the unit’s screen and then I can use QR codes to send money to the wallet or get the addresses from the web interface.

From then you can just use the screen to pay money into your hardware wallet.

It comes with a suede bag and USB charging cable in the box and a small set of instructions — although it really does tell you what to do if you just turn it on.

Frankly, for the money which isn’t much, it’s an incredible product and represents great value for money.

I have quite a few ERC20 tokens so I’ll be looking to store them in the wallet. it’s actually something that is not only really nice to hold and use. But works really well, with its inbuilt screen.

Highly recommended. I’m going to do a video shortly.

Click Here to get your own.



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