Today will be a very interesting day for stocks — especially looking at the Wall Street Bets current stock AMC. Gamestop (GME) has just appointed new management although its rally will be slightly tapered by SEC interested in the trading going on with the stock, it could be a good play but the SEC can take ages to do anything.

Inflation data could prove very damaging to stock prices today if they are high and the FED continue with there plan of just hanging around till 2022.

If the SEC do create a revamp in stock trading it’s unlikely they will do anything to Hedge funds and only want to target retail investors.

We have the same thing in the UK — where retail traders are not aloud to trade cryptocurrency. We have to use American or other brokers, although the foolishness of this rule comes to light when you can simply buy crypto companies stock like Microstrategy and Coinbase.

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