Following yesterday’s mad rally and close, Gamestop GME has opened at $144 a share or so.

Initial orders are going in now so I’ll see where we are in an hour, I’ve set a trailing stop on both my $GME shares. Let’s say my portfolio is looking rather healthy.

I have heard talk of targets of an incredible $700 at which point expecting shorts to come into play, but thas is a huge leap from where we are, but with this stock, anything is possible!

I hate the phrase “To the moon”. I just like to be involved in things like this. I’m still trying to find out what the sudden rise in price is due to, as I said. yesterday there was nothing on Reddit at all. Someone has pumped share purchases into it. Provided we all hold who knows where this will go.

I am thinking that they may drop before going further up to close the gap and to cover shorts. If the hedge funds take longs on this now it will literally fly.

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