So the latest scam out on the internet is a new play on the old “You’ve won free crypto” scam.

I got a message from a random person on discord, it all looks genuine and to be honest, I’d love some free Crypto, especially the $2000 offered! Off I go. Signed up fo the website (to save you doing it).

Right then, I thought, let me withdraw some coin.

“You need to pay the transaction fee of $600 in Bitcoin”.

Oh this old cookie, it’s a scam folks steer clear.

The website looks professional and genuine but it really is not.

There are quite a few themes of this as well with different domains and people messaging you. It’s a scam steer clear.

Oh, and if this is your website and it’s not a scam please do send me my winnings — my Bitcoin address is on the left.

Be careful people.

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