Paul Clevett
2 min readMay 26, 2023


The innovative review and information center CryptoLists Limited showcases five market leading debit cards that provide crypto rewards to customers in branch-out move for the website.

MADRID, March 30 2023. The British website Crypto Lists have expanded their visitor offering with a new section that debuted this week that features some of the leading crypto cards in the financial space. Crypto cards are debit cards offered by cryptocurrency exchange or adjacent businesses that reward users with cashback in Bitcoin or other digital assets. And, often come with additional rewards such as rebates on popular subscription sites such as Netflix, or travel perks like hotel discounts in the UK or when travelling abroad.

Enhancing the offering

Since its inception, the Crypto Lists website has focused on coins and exchanges heavily, building upon the forex sector and the casino section where its founders have had previous successes in the UK. In the end of May 2023, the website made reviews of over 180 Bitcoin casinos that’s available in United Kingdom, Europe and other parts of the world.

The new cards section is a demonstration of commitment to growing the site with in-demand content, responding to feedback from readers. Many visitors tend to use crypto debit cards for deposits into Bitcoin casino sites when they do online shopping or when going to restaurants.

Speaking this afternoon, co-founder Marcus Edvardsen said: “Although we’ve focused almost exclusively on exchanges and coins with some big wins, our commitment to our readers by showcasing debit cards from some of the biggest providers.”

He continued: “With the new section we’re giving our readers the chance to locate the best card for their specific needs, and providing added value, as we always aim to do.”

Built on market agility has become an ‘all in one’ hub for many, where they can find independent reviews on coins, blockchains, exchanges, and now debit cards that auto-convert crypto for fiat spending and in some cases, collateral.

The addition of the five card reviews is more than just an extension to their cryptocurrency foundations, but another string to the site’s bow. And, a reaction to reader feedback. Being quick to adapt to market conditions, and agile enough to refocus priorities quickly has been one of the keys to Crypto Lists’ success.

The site has reached a number of important targets this quarter. Markus Jalmerot, co-founder and Editor in Chief, remarked: “It’s gone incredibly well, and we’re hitting milestones much quicker than we anticipated at the start of the year.”