Another r/Wallstreetbets trade is AMC that I’ve kept out of but I think there may be a nice opportunity to enter this stock at a pullback on Earnings overnight tonight. So I’m looking for a nice pullback to get into it, I need a change in the MACD and to see a bounce or break off the upward trend line.

Incidentally, it’s very interesting how similar GME Gamestop and AMC are, but they are both trades running in the Gamestop group. Which means that the GME group has got this kind of buying power? A little bit scary and mildly exciting.

Of course, I could enter now just in case earnings are good. But I highly doubt it thanks to Covid 19.

Buy low — sell high.

Zoom Video Communications ZI

Zoom ZI

I’m quite interested in this stock at its current level. It’s had a bit of a flat run but it’s been featured on Bloomberg this morning, so it will have attention drawn to it. How it will fair after COVID 19 lockdowns are over, I don’t know, obviously, they have had a huge boom in business since nearly everyone I know is using Zoom, even my local church!

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