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I have autism, so I have things going round and round in my head and this phrase really winds me up.

It starts of by presupposing you are going to lose. Sure, if you trade Forex, use leverage or basically gamble with options.

The true phrase should be “Never invest more than you can afford to ignore”. Here’s why, if you buy stocks, for instance, you buy one hundred shares in a company, but the shares go down so you are not in profit. If you bought Bitcoin or another crypto too high and it falls what to do?


Some of you may know that I have a diverse portfolio. One of my stock I pay very close attention as an indication of the crypto markets.

Argo Blockhain holds a small position of about 2% of my total portfolio, however it is showing a very strong retracement signal after some months of not doing so well.

Here it is on the 4 hour chart. If you are reading this on medium the Daily chart is on

Even a cursory view sees the tell tale W signal. I note also that the markets today are recovering from a dovish…

I was asked to take a look at Ultrasafe (ULTRA) which is a Defi token sitting on the Binance blockchain. I’m quite interested in these cryptos as I hold about 20 of them in fact.

As many of you will know I have a very diverse portfolio of stocks, shares and cyrpto and I’m particularly interested in projects that have substance.

Ultra in this regard is pretty special. Its a yield token which means you can increase your holding just by, well, “hodling” it. But what is it ACTUALLY going to be used for?

  • NFT Market place — I love…

Some time ago now I had some Crypto stolen from my Exodus Wallet, although its a software Wallet I’m not the only one that has had this problem. I no longer use this wallet obviously. I am really unhappy keeping my crypto in online wallets because regulation, fraud and other things can affect those. Including whole exchanges going down sometimes simply due to lack of liquidity. So storing offline is a good solution.

I have been looking at the standard wallets out there but this one really caught my eye. As most of my readers will know I am mostly…

Today will be a very interesting day for stocks — especially looking at the Wall Street Bets current stock AMC. Gamestop (GME) has just appointed new management although its rally will be slightly tapered by SEC interested in the trading going on with the stock, it could be a good play but the SEC can take ages to do anything.

Inflation data could prove very damaging to stock prices today if they are high and the FED continue with there plan of just hanging around till 2022.

If the SEC do create a revamp in stock trading it’s unlikely they…

My phone sits idle most of the time apart from the fake HMRC calls and people trying to get me to use their rubbish forex signals.

A friend of mine (thanks Dan), introduced me to mining PI coin on my phone, it’s pretty low power and I’m quite interested to see where it will go.

If you’d like to get started click here.

So last week I bought into AMC at about $30.00 — we’re up at $55 a share and I am reading literally everywhere that a short squeeze is coming in the next few days. I note as well that a major broker has now stopped allowing shorts on stocks such as AMC, Gamestop etc.

A short squeeze is where buyers come in en-masse and basically stop out shorts. That means that short sellers cut their losses and quit their trades, this then causing a massive rally in the stock — for $GME the stock went up to a stellar $400.00.

You may remember the GME Gamestop shares that were rallied purely by Redditers to $480 a share at their high.

Well AMC is sitting at $31.95 having fallen on Friday. Let’s just suppose that AMC manages it to over $400 a share that is a rediculous profit. However, the share is overpriced at the moment if it was not normal market conditions I would not be sitting in it.

If the Reddit/Facebook WallStreet bets manage the same feat they did with Gamestop, it could be one of my top profitable trades this year, however there is more going on behind…

Another blow to the SEC’s efforts to win their case brings the day of judgement ever closer. Ripple is up 8% this morning on news that a Judge has ruled that the SEC cannot access Ripple’s legal concerns.

The US SEC previously asked Judge Sarah Netburn to order Ripple to produce records of legal advice around whether the sales of the XRP token were compliant with federal securities laws.

Ripple’s defence is that the SEC did not give them “fair notice” that the securities regulator failed to warn them and others that XRP was an unregistered security — despite being…

In my XRP post earlier I pointed out that it is at the bottom of a wedge and the DOGE coin is in roughly the same place, although WallStreetBets is focused on AMC if they get distracted to DOGE coin or good old Elon says something we could see a nice rally up through June.

I’m particularly interested in Cathy Wood’s fund and how that has been behaving. She’s a big believer in crypto and frankly she should be. Her fund made mad money in the last Bull run. She’s still holding faith and so am I. I think DOGE is a good place to buy although I expect it to drop slightly further.

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